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MAX HRM provides full-scale human resource solutions between Europe and China. With an extensive network of working professionals and being familiar with both Chinese and European labour markets, MAX aims to connect international talents with the demand of Chinese and European companies.

With offices in The Netherlands, England, Sweden and France we  provide the best service to local and international clients.
The services include recruitment ( Headhunting for C & D – level positions, experts in various fields, and multilingual talents), HR consultancy ( HR Due diligence, HR integration process after M&A’s), Personnel Outsourcing, Training and Personnel Development.
With the strong support of its resources and partners, MAX HRM aims to consult the complete HR services to our clients. The ultimate goal of MAX HRM is to support our clients to achieve Human Resources optimization.

Career fair

Visit and register for the 2019 SINO-DUTCH career fair on the 9th of February. The fair starts at 10:00 in the Stadhuis Den Haag

Hangzhou held European Market Investment Summit

Hangzhou held European Market Investment Summit

挟一带一路春风“走出去”,杭州召开英国与欧洲市场投资与人力峰会 “英国与欧洲市场投资及合规用工峰会”于4月22日在杭州白沙泉并购金融街区运营中心隆重举行。 本次峰会由上海世智人力资源有限公司、力马人力资源(MAX HRM)、必臻(Blick Rothenberg)会计事务所、ebl MR律师事务所、浙江省企业法律顾问协会、白沙泉并购金融中心联合主办。 这次峰会还得到伦敦发展促进署的大力支持。...

转发 | 人才抢手,“引才引智,中荷社招”招聘会鹿特丹成功举办

转发 | 人才抢手,“引才引智,中荷社招”招聘会鹿特丹成功举办

SINO-DUTCH Career fair 2018 一个由荷兰力马人力资源(MAX HRM)公司主办,鹿特丹发展局、Capelle aan den Ijssel 市政府协办的第二届 “职”等你来,“引才引智,中荷社招”人才招聘会,4月22日全天在鹿特丹一座古典风格的建筑物Schielandshuis 成功举办,有200多位高科技人才前来应聘。   参加招聘的,有中国国内多个高新技术园区,包括有青岛西海岸新区、青岛国家高新开发区、济南高新区和嘉善中荷产业园等;也有不少公司企业,包括南方航空公司、海尔、新奥、MRLED...