Position: Industrial Design Expert (Cooking hood ventilation)

Location: Qingdao, China
Vacancy 2018004

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Position Responsibilities


  • Responsible for FPA variable-frequency motor development and design. Providing solutions to the problems occur (e.g. air flow, air pressure and noise control).
  • Responsible for communicating with the leading technical providers.
  • To coordinate with cross-functional project teams and develop ventilation and motor projects.
  • Obtaining and analysing customer demand. Focusing on ventilation upgrading and relevant technology development.
  • Ensuring the technologies meet European technical standard and approvals.
  • Responsible for patent application
  • To decrease defect rate and increase modularity rate based on the ventilation standard.

Position Requirements

  • More than 10 years experiences in venting system design, leading new product developing, producing and launching and new platform design.
  • Bachelor’s degree or above, Machinery, Fluid Mechanics or related major is preferred.
  • Deep knowledge of fluid mechanics, fluid analysis and theories within the ventilation modelling.
  • Be capable of hand-on product drawing and design by using relevant design tools such as UG and CAD.
  • Be familiar with cooking hood’s internal and external circulation system.
  • Be familiar with the filter technology of range hoods.
  • Professional experiences in the latest European technical standard and approvals. Comprehensive understanding of current technology and market
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