On March 9th 2018,

a series of lectures on investment in the Netherlands jointly sponsored by the Zhongzhi Qingdao Company, Dutch Foreign Investment Agency, Dutch Lima Human Resources Company and Holland Hongbe Group were successfully held from the Dutch Foreign Investment Agency. Nearly 30 people from the West Coast New District Organization Department, industry organizations, and business representatives attended the seminar. The theme of this series of lectures shared the local legal, tax, human resources and commercial experience in the Netherlands, providing professional technical guidance to the company’s and helping the company’s to do more with less. Opening up overseas markets, evading risks of overseas investments, and conducting in-depth exchanges on issues such as Sino-Dutch cooperation opportunities.

At the beginning of the meeting, Lun Nianhong, the general manager of Zhongzhi Qingdao Company, expressed warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the leaders and guests of the meeting. She pointed out that since the party’s 19th National Congress, the “One Belt, One Road” initiative has been comprehensively promoted. Under the continually accelerating the pace of internationalization to meet the needs of supporting the national strategy and “going out”, Zhongzhi Qingdao held this event to help enterprises accelerate their internationalization and enhance the internationalization ability of management talents. Explore potential, develop and innovate, strengthen cooperation, and explore new areas and new models for Sino-Dutch cooperation.

This series of lectures is divided into two parts: greenfield investment and M&A project introduction. The Dutch Foreign Investment Agency represents East China, the China Business Council and senior project manager of the Foreign Investment Bureau of the Netherlands, Ms Zhang Xiaoyuan, and the general manager of the Dutch Lima Human Resources Company, Chang Wenjia. Ms. Duan Jing, a Managing Partner of the Dutch Hongbe Group, Mr. Li Xuebin, Partner of the Dutch Hongbe Group, and Mr Diederi, the tax partner of the Dutch Hongbe Group, shared it. The five guests from the shallower to the deeper, from point to face, from the whole to the specific introduction to the Netherlands’ overall investment environment, talent market and legal environment and the current hottest overseas M&A projects. At the meeting, more than 40 overseas high-tech projects brought by the Netherlands Hongbike were connected with domestic enterprises. The representatives of the company showed strong interest and actively interacted with the experts. The atmosphere was lively. Through this meeting, the participants had a deeper understanding and understanding of the latest M&A projects in the Netherlands, the most powerful preferential policies and the most comprehensive development environment. For the international development of enterprises, the cultivation of international talents and international employment. A clearer idea has been expressed that the lectures are in the right direction, the content is good, and the dry goods are many. It is a full-fledged international boutique lecture.

Where the knowledge crowd gathers, where is the wealth gathered; where the environment is good, where the elite gather. As the largest human resources organization in China, Zhongzhi is willing to join hands with the Quartet to help overseas companies expand and establish an international talent database. We sincerely hope to help all kinds of enterprises discover and develop a new overseas world and cultivate and create a group of The management talents of international vision and ability lead the enterprise to the world and make due contributions to the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province.