Marketing Director

Location: Paris, France

Vacancy number: 2019021

Job Details

Position Responsibilities

  • 直接参与品牌手机在法国的市场战略制定,明确短期阶段性至未来三到五年的份额目标,并形成可落地的执行方案。

  • 研究法国手机市场特征,明确行业,客户,竞品,消费者的发展趋势。

  • 用科学合理的手段,制定完整的品牌建设方案,建立消费者的认知度、兴趣度、购买度和忠诚度。

  • 与合作伙伴和供应商保持良好关系,在资源允许的范围内,最大限度发挥宣传及促销优势。

  • 与其他部门密切配合,确保品牌势能最大化,同时对品牌在法国市场的份额变化负主要责任。

  • 建立并完善销售部组织架构,总结行业经验,带教下属,对部门伙伴的发展负责。

  • Directly participate in the development of the marketing strategy of brand’s mobile phones in France, clarify the market share target for the next three to five years, and then form an implementation plan.

  • Study the characteristics of the French mobile phone market and clarify the development trend of the industry, dealers, competing products and consumers.

  • Develop a completed branding plan for the brand with a scientific and reasonable model to build consumer awareness, interests, purchase, and loyalty.

  • Maintain good relationships with partners and suppliers, and maximize the promotional advantage within the scope of resources.

  • Work closely with other departments to ensure maximum brand potential, and primary responsibility for changes in the share of the brand in the French market.

  • Establish and improve the organizational structure of the sales department, summarize the industry experience, teach subordinates, and be responsible for the development of departmental partners.

Needed Skills

Position Requirements

  • 本科及同等以上学历,5 年及以上法国留学或工作经验

  • 有五年以上法国市场通讯电子/零售业/快消等行业的品牌工作经验,三年以上团队管理经验

  • 在手机行业,广告行业有相关人脉或合作资源

  • 有优秀的沟通表达能力,熟知法国商务礼仪

  • 语言能力优秀,精通法语与英语

  • Have a bachelor degree above, more than 5 years or more work experience in France

  • Have more than five years of Branding experience in communication electronics /retail /FMCG industry in the French market. Have more than three years of team management experience.

  • Have relevant contacts or cooperation resources in the mobile phone industry.

  • Have excellent communication skills, familiar with French business etiquette.

  • Have excellent language skills, proficient in French and English.

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