Project Delivery Intern

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vacancy number: 2019012


Company Profile

As a global leading provider of ESL and smart store solutions, Hanshow has a strong capability of independent R&D, software, hardware integration and resource integration for the entire industry. With the diversified and rapid development of the retail industry, Hanshow has helped clients to build up their core competencies with smart store solutions and services. So far, Hanshow serves over 5000 stores in more than 40 countries and regions with its ESL and smart store solutions.


Job Details

Position Responsibilities

  • Support teams to complete all project deliverables.

  • Consult clients and internal teams on most relevant techniques to solve client issues and exceed client requirements

  • Develop solutions to client problems based on deep product knowledge.

  • Demonstrate accountability to successfully realize client goals.

Needed Skills

Position Requirements

  • Majored in computer science, information technology or related area.

  • Good command of English. Chinese language skill is a plus.

  • Good communication and execution skills.

Terms of Service

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