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HR Consultancy

Human Resource Consultancy

What can we do for you

The ultimate goal of MAX HRM is to
support our clients in achieving Human Resource optimization.

  • Partial and full service of human resource operations: including policy making, employment contracts, insurance, payroll inputs, sick leave management, dismissal mediating, background check and post-M&A integration;
  • Facilitating business development and project selections in the European market.
Background Check

Confirm the key details about your next employee

Pre-employment Screenings & Pre-Employment Checks

We will verify all your potential new employee’s details for you and make sure there are no surprises for your company down the road—without overstepping the candidate’s personal and data protection rights.

The screening process can include the following:

  • Assessments of employment history
  • Verifications of all qualifications
  • Reference checking
  • Negative features and findings

All applicants must agree to the assessment in writing before the screening can be started.

Information about clients, candidates, and projects will be kept strictly confidential and all client- and project-related details are stored in one place only: the assessment center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

All assessment procedures comply with the strict EU privacy, data protection and other legal regulations.

HR Mediation Service
What is mediation?

Mediation is an informal process for resolving problems between staff in the workplace quickly and effectively. It can be used where working relationships between employees are difficult or have broken down. The process is entirely voluntary and needs the agreement of both parties. It is possible for either party to withdraw from the process at any time after agreeing to participate.

Mediation is a well established, confidential process for resolving disagreements. Two impartial third parties (mediators) help two people in dispute to attempt to reach an agreement and find a mutually acceptable resolution.

Mediation can be used at any time during the Dignity at Work process as a means of informal resolution. A matter may be referred to the Mediation Service by the parties themselves, or referred by the Manager or the relevant HR Business Manager/Adviser, if both parties agree.

Help the parties individually to analyse the problem and decide what they wish to achieve

Help the parties to discuss jointly and to reach common ground.

Solve the problem for the parties;

Act as an intermediary between the parties and their institution(s);

Make any judgment about the case.

Mediation is particularly helpful in resolving interpersonal disputes due to its common-sense approach. In particular mediation:

Gives those involved an opportunity to step back and think about how they could put the situation right, including consideration of their own behaviour.

Focuses on the future, with an emphasis on improving working relationships rather than apportioning blame.

Enables parties to come up with their own practical solution(s).

Allows parties to rebuild relationships as they work together to find an agreement.

Mediation can be attempted at any stage of a dispute.

How do I find out more or request mediation?

To find out more please contact

Important: To avoid the conflict of interests, we are not accepting consultation from the employee side who are currently employed by our existing client companies, unless both parties (the employer and employee) have given us written authorization to do so.